Demo Day 27 Update

- redid movement system and combat, will update game page with controls and combos soon
- tweaked some dialogue to reflect that the player no longer carries a sword
- added some saws
- fixed some bugs
- didn't playtest anything, that's for the people who play the demo

Files 99 MB
Version 12 Jul 05, 2019 96 MB
Version 14 Jul 05, 2019 97 MB
Version 28 Jul 05, 2019

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this thing is full of glitches and problems one in the cave you cant hurt enemiesor if they die by other means they still cant die speaking of the level you cant get past it and when it come to button lay out it sucks you should make the interact button down like most games just saying 

still love the concept just needs some work

(1 edit)

Yeah, I fucked up. I just patched it.

edit: interact as down? what are you smoking

a little