0.17.15 Update

This is a breaking update. Old saves are incompatible.

I wanted to add actual game content to this update but seeing as how the old saving is currently broken, I'm just pushing it out as soon as possible.

Lots of internal refactors to make gameplay more consistent in this update. The version isn't 0.17.0a because of a new internal versioning system. Devlogs will have multiple versions between them in the future.

+ player and enemies won't get stuck on random areas of ground
+ fixed enemy patrolling behavior
+ player health/energy max now stays between levels (no more health stacking, sorry)
+ respawning after taking a hit of environment damage is more reliable
+ removed bug where you could cancel an environment damage respawn animation with an attack
+ removed bug where you could get more than one vertical boost while jumping upwards through a platform
+ fixed a bug where saving would crash the game
+ fixed various other save bugs
+ fixed a bug where attacks could land multiple times on the same enemy
+ changed sprite ordering on meteor dive explosion so you can see the lightning bolt
+ updated collider types in the Weather Station level so you can't get stuck in the world geometry

Content Changes:
+ added a high-res sprite for the Kinetic Return item
+ added a high-res sprite for the Orca Flip item

Gameplay Changes:
+ player doesn't go into wall-sliding animation if wallclimb isn't unlocked
+ removed stall properties of air high kick (yes, it's still possible to steal a certain scientist's lunch)

Visual Changes:
+ made camera behavior consistent at high speed/during boss fights
+ added a toggle for enabling/disabling camera shake under Visual options
+ piston/boost pad jumps invoke the divekick recoil animation instead of the air jump animation

Internal refactors:
+ switched to capsule colliders for moving entities
+ started using Cinemachine
+ rebuilt a lot of the saving/loading infrastructure
+ started auto-incrementing patch version every git commit (you'll see some versions being skipped between devlogs now)
+ switched to encoding saves as JSON, which you can find on your machine here

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Do these updates affect the browser version of the game?  I'm stuck where I'm supposed to deposit the heart from the Lady of the Lake only it's not doing that and I don't know why.  I've softlocked to attacking out of environment damage respawn before, though, so maybe it's an old version?

Interesting! Old saves dont work. IT is hard decision, i guess for you. But you go forward! Looks it is along development way!

The best game is getting better by the day :)

I think this can be the next hollow knight some day.