0.17.31 Update

Sorry this took a while to get out. I was out of town right after uploading the broken build last week 🥴

+ player can't attack out of environment damage respawn animation
+ fixed bug where attacks couldn't hit more than once per scene
+ fixed issues where unlocks could carry over between new games
+ fixed bug where saving would freeze the game

Content Changes:

Gameplay Changes:

Visual Changes:

Internal refactors:
+ used a dedicated class for save operations


vapor-trails-gnu-linux.zip 99 MB
Version 70 Apr 02, 2022
vapor-trails-webgl.zip Play in browser
Version 46 Apr 02, 2022
vapor-trails-win32-exe.zip 94 MB
Version 37 Apr 02, 2022
vapor-trails-win-exe.zip 97 MB
Version 83 Apr 02, 2022
vapor-trails-osx.zip 96 MB
Version 71 Apr 02, 2022

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woot woot!



Yay! Thank you Mr. Crane