Hello! I've been working diligently on the physics build and I've finally been approved for a Steam release. I'm polishing up the demo to be ready by mid-March, but in the meantime you can wishlist it to be notified when the demo drops. I'd appreciate it greatly. Sorry about the lingering bugs here, but they are fixed in the physics port. It currently contains everything up to the Lady of the Lake.



The physics build is everything that will be contained in the Steam build right now. I'm adding Steam Cloud support and configuring the builds for different platforms.

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Will the game also be published on or GOG? I would love to purchase a DRM-free copy of the game when it comes out!

Yeah definitely, it'll remain on itch for as long as I can stay under the 1gb limit for games here (which should be indefinitely tbh). I am also against DRM though and want to have an alternative place to buy it.


Nice! really looking forward to it! :D

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happy to hear it LETS GET IT ON do you think you can update the latest version for Mac too please?


the steam release will continue to have mac and linux support, yeah. i do unfortunately have to drop Steam support for 32-bit windows computers due to the steam API for unity, but i don't think many people are using that anyway


Congratulations! looking forward to it.



I have been following vapor trails for so so long. Since it was just the smallest demo. I absolutely can not wait to see this game get all the attention it deserves.

hell yeah. tell your friends

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cant wait