0.16.1a bugfix

fixed the bug where the player would bypass the elevator when entering it for the first time and get sent directly to the sewers

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I need help does anyone know how to progress after the chat with Lauren and Flynn?He said to head to the backdoor in the shop via taling to Busybox and everytime I talk to him he either gives me a tip on the subway location or asks if I'm leaving already. I've explored each subway and its maps multiple times. Please help


that's all there is to the game right now, sorry. hope you enjoyed!

I see. It was the most fun I had with a MetriodVania considering I usually always get stuck on the story but I never really did. The combat is fun, the art and particle effects are really well done and the movement is phenomenal. It surprises me that this game is free and I hope you get tons of support on your next project. 


Night Market is also slow on Chromebook.