The year is 20XX.

You are experimental Prismatic model X-404, and you have been exiled from Paradise Laboratories.

Return to the surface of Vapor City and exact revenge.

Controls (you can change them in the launcher of the non-web version)

  • ←/→ to move
  • TAB (BACK on controller) to show inventory
  • Space (A on controller) to jump (tap to shorthop)
  • ↓+Jump to drop through platforms
  • Z (X on controller) to punch
  • X (Y on controller) to kick
  • A (RB on controller) to shoot
  • Shift (B) + ←/→ to dash
  • ↑ to interact
  • Space to advance dialogue
  • ↑ + Shift/B in the air to flip kick
  • Shift/B (hold) to heal when grounded and stationary
  • Ctrl (hold) to walk
  • Space/A to buy items in shops

Unique attacks

  • ↓+Kick: boost slide
  • ↓+Punch (aerial): elbow drop
  • ↓+Kick (aerial): divekick

Only the basic enemies have knockback enabled on them right now. I'm still working on making it fun and varied for the bosses.

Sound Credits (used with permission)

title screen: until it feels like home by slime girls
other music: tailor-made tracks from gray heron

Problems? Anger?

Send me anthrax in the mail here.

Install instructions

download, play n go

I use itch's command line tools to push, so the directory is flat. looking at you rokas


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Version 32 31 days ago
Download 68 MB
Version 34 31 days ago
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Version 46 31 days ago

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Hey man! I really love your game! So I made a video about it on youtube. If you have some time check it out. Here's the link:

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Thank you, I just watched it! Sorry you hit some bugs, also I think I should have made the route into town a little more clear. This speedrun shows you how to get the cigarettes.

I'm very glad you like the backflip though. Is it OK if I post a link to your video on Twitter?


Sevencrane don't forget me when you get famous :D also, did you use bone animation or frame-by-frame? Cuz when you run it's frames and when you jump and fall, it's so smooth. How did you do that?

Oh, I used bone animation but cut the sample rate down for the animator. My method was inconsistent though, so I'm experimenting with a few other ways of making the animations frame-based.

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goodness, i hope this game becomes popular. it's already my favorite game, i can't even imagine how much i'll like the full release (no pressure lol). thank you so much sevencrane, you've earned a new fan. if you do start a kickstarter, you'd better bet i'll donate. also, valentine for smash.


i see potential for this game...

me too man, me too. I promise I'll finish it someday



right on brother


it’s cool.




me when my roommate shine spikes me in PM

That’s a big oof


Hi Adrian, my name is Shuoyang, BD manager of Doublethink Games, a publisher based in China and the US. We are very interested in this game, and would like to have some private talk with you about the future of Vapor Trails. I couldn't find any better way to reach out, so here is my e-mail:

Despite the game is still in development stage, I believe there's something we can help you with at this point.

Looking forward to your e-mail!

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Really solid game, I love the pixel art and movement, are you planning on making a full game or a kickstarter?

Edit: I just played the lady of the lake boss fight and wow... that was amazing. I just wish that the boss was a bit more challenging because with a good combo she can be taken out pretty easily but at the same time the combat felt really satisfying and the animation for the attacks made it even better

Comments noted, thanks! And yeah I'll make a Kickstarter eventually, but my day job is also kinda nice...


There is a bug that allows you to wall clime before you have the ability by spamming jump. It only works on some surfaces though. Also with the train map on my screen its cut off at the bottom but i think that's just my computer.

Interesting. What are the dimensions of your screen? It should work on most monitors.


Hey can anyone help me I can't find Flynn. The woman at the bar says he's at ground level. Is ground level supposed to be where the Weather Cast Thing is or The Deeps? Also I didn't get it when she said under the OverHang. Help please.


Thanks! Flynn is at ground level of the Night Market, down and to the left of the bartender woman. Look for a guy with his feet up on the counter next to a cube that has a face like :3.

He's at the bottom of a wall where the top protrudes, so it's a pretty small overhang.

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Hey I talked to Richter but now I don't know where to go. The Metro Map doesn't show Vapor City. Where do I go? Also, all my cash is gone. I closed the game for work and I loaded it up again it saved progress but my cash is gone


He said something about a demo. WAIT. IS THIS FREE VERSION A DEMO?! nuuuuuuu

haha yeah, I have a day job so this is all I've been able to make so far. you can take the subway around but there's no more content, sorry

also the cash thing is a bug, it's still in your inventory but the UI update call happens before the saved data finishes loading. 


So... You made this in one day?! I cant even animate a walking sprite in a day god you damm fast. Also, are you gonna make more of this out of the competition? Cuz this game rocks and i love a good storyline.


Is there a way to get back to deep town after reaching vapor city?

You should be able to take the subway down to the Sludge Wastes and go to Deep Town from there.


Is there a walkthrough for this? I'm a little stuck. 

btw enjoying the game a lot

Thanks! I'm not sure which part you're stuck on, but there's a speedrun on YouTube a few comments down.



Also I bought a nano edge. How do I equip it?

It'll be equipped automatically, you just get +1 base damage on attacks. I should add some visual feedback or confirmation for that though.


I absolutely love this game! Can't wait to see what you will do next!



just kidding i couldn't have played it otherwise


The windows exe doesn't get past the unity screen. im looking forward to being able to play however.

hello! please try now


I'm using mac. Whenever I open the game, it says made with Unity, then its a black screen. How do I fix this?

wait for me to grow some more brain cells and push a fix later tonight :^(




(1 edit) (+1)

I downloaded it again, but it just said "canceled - forbidden".

Can you un-forbidden it? I'm really looking forward to playing this game.

edit: nevremind it works can't wait to play!


umm how do i download

wait for me to fix it, sorry



The Linux version boots to "made with Unity" and then a grey screen since the update. Is it similar to the Windows sitch where I just need to rename something? Thank you.


Er, maybe. I'll need to boot into my Linux partition to test it, so it might take a while.

I'll push out a WebGL build later tonight though, just so something works.


linux updated, try now

It works now. Thanks a ton!


Guys THe Game Has not show me Just when i open Winrar I go to Play the game Its just There Unitycrash Can you fix that?

I didn't read the documentation on the pipeline and the .exe extension didn't get added. If you rename the StandaloneWindows64 File to StandaloneWindows64.exe it'll run normally. Fixing soon.



there wasn't any .exe file to run the game only the unity crash handler


Same problem here



I didn't read the documentation on the pipeline and the .exe extension didn't get added. If you rename the StandaloneWindows64 File to StandaloneWindows64.exe it'll run normally. Fixing soon.

I run the StandaloneWindows64.exe, a Unity logo appears, then stuck like this for ages. 



NICE! Thanks!

I didn't read the documentation on the pipeline and the .exe extension didn't get added. If you rename the StandaloneWindows64 File to StandaloneWindows64.exe it'll run normally. Fixing soon.


played this with a friend and our first reaction was "ooooohhh!!!!!!!" great work!!! can't wait to see how it turns out, it's cool as hell so far!

(1 edit)

Play Test Report:

-The train system reacts to when I click on "highway terminal" and the train leaves my screen per usual, but the scenery does not change and I do not arrive at "highway terminal". The game does not freeze, it only refuses to move to the new location. This does not happen with any other locations.

-Upon restarting the game and continuing my saved progress, the battery capacity drops from 5 to 3 every time and I'm not sure which value is intended to be played with. Also the currency indicator on the top left of the screen says zero unless I buy something or collect more currency, then the indicator displays the currency I held before I restarted the game plus whatever amount I had collected

-The decorative train at the "financial district" (the train that serves only as decoration for the setting and not actual gameplay) does not go through the tunnels on either side of the level and instead remains in front of all assets rather than disappearing behind the tunnel entrances and exits. The character asset is in front of everything in the "financial district" as well, including the pillars holding the room up and the train that passes by every once in a while. (This does not effect gameplay and can probably take the least amount of priority. I just thought you might like to know)

-Platforms that are slanted won't allow my character to stand still when stood on and the character slowly slides down the slope (this bug can be ignored too, though)

-I found that holding down and right (or left) while dashing and sliding (pressing x right after a dash) allow my character, regardless of whether I get the timed dash in or not, to move phenomenally faster than simply using the timed dash on its own. I managed to test this in the wide open area at "cerulean cove".

-At "cerulean cove", the reflection of the character off the ground is a giant heart rather than the character's silhouette, though this, in my humble opinion, should remain as is :)

Hey, thanks for the comments! I'll address them all individually.

  • highway terminal station bug: known + fixed (unreleased) issue, that level doesn't exist and I forgot to block it off
  • that's odd, it should be 5. also your currency should reset, I opened an issue to track it. nice catch.
  • haven't touched that area since I updated the player sorting layers, but I'll revisit it to fix that bug
  • slope bug could use some revisiting, it's a quick fix
  • that the slide-canceled dash thing? if so I left it in as a viable way to move (since you can only do it effectively in flat areas) but I'll replicate it and see how broken it actually is.
  • that's a bug with the reflection camera lol, that heart is the player icon on the minimap layer and the reflection camera is misconfigured to pick it up


down arrow  also does not work for me


for some reason i cant get to the highway, it soft locks the game. thought id let ya know, the train leaves and comes back and i then just cant move

yeah, that level doesn't exist yet but I forgot to remove it as an option and the game doesn't like it for some reason

thanks for the feedback and bug report though!


omg i loved it so muchhhhh ahhhhhhhhh


I really like it, but it can get a bit tedious at times. When I first started the game, I felt bombarded with controls and mechanics, and even now that I've played through it, I still feel like I don't fully understand the controls.

One minor gripe I have is a lack of distinction between the level and the background. One example of this would be the gates and the beams in the back looking near identical. The easiest way to fix this would simply be to add contrast, such as making the level a bit lighter and the background a bit darker. 

Enemies seem a bit scarce, and level design is a bit all over the place. There's a huge lack of landmarks, which makes navigating a bit confusing.

The animation looks great, especially when it comes to attacks. However the animations do lack transitions, so it can become a bit awkward at times.

The Lady of the Lake mostly just spammed the same attack, and would rarely use anything other than her spike attack. Also, it lacked any music. I'm not sure if that's caused by a bug, or it just hasn't been implemented yet.

Overall, I think this is a really strong start, and with a bit more tweaking this game can be great!

(1 edit) (+1)

I found 2 bugs, when exploring with the metro if you try to go to the highway terminal the game will glitch in different ways, i think this happens from everywhere but i really only tested it from the financial district and the weather station. There are also some graphic glitches in the cerulean cove's background when you reach the walls. i hope this is of help to the development of the game and i would really want to play the full release, this game has a lot of potential.

so smooth

The animations in this are so beautiful. Very well done :)

(+1) this is my runthrough of vapor trails sorry cant afford premuim to get unlimites time instead of ten 

(1 edit)

I'd like to watch it! The video is private though and I'm not about to drop my personal email address to request access, sorry

its okay ill make it public


Interesting game. Hope to see the full version

me too...someday (´・ω・`)


This game makes a really good speedrun! I just got sub 5.

Also, why can't you dash while holding down+forward? This completely kills speedrunning on keyboard/dpad, since you have to hold an east by southeast angle on the analog stick to do dash-slidekicks.

Holy shit, this makes me so happy. I've always wondered what a Vapor Trails speedrun would look like, even with the dash bug. Do you mind if I link to your youtube video on my twitter? I'll credit you, of course.

I made the down+forward dash window narrow because there's a meteor slam ability that's special+down, and I didn't want them to fire at the same time. However, I just realized I can code those as exclusive pretty easily, so I'll make dash take precedence and increase the input window.

Can I ask what framerate you had when you were playing this? I'm pretty sure I goofed and made my drag system framerate-dependent. After the dash, you should keep your speed and only gradually slow down. Whether or not slide-kicking out of a dash will still be faster is up to you to find out when I fix it :^)

100%! Go right ahead, the actual run starts at 7:10. I would have requested a leaderboard, but they rarely accept demos that are still being updated. Something about getting messy leaderboards with different versions not being worth the hassle grumble grumble grumble

Nice to hear the down+forward dash is gonna be fixed. Is dpad input also gonna be added? Cuz right now, only analog does anything

According to Fraps, I'm running at like 300-400 fps. I can't tell, since all I've got's a 60hz monitor. But yeah, I ran it on ultra instead of very low, which seems to lock the framerate at 60, and the dash works like you said. Guess I'm gonna have to re-learn the entire game now lmao

Just from messing around with the game in 60 fps, it seems like slidekick dash is still the fastest. plz don't nerf it D: also what's funny is it's got the same roll-your-thumb-from-b-to-y input as shield backdashing from SOTN.

Also one more thing: Having the camera go forward more the faster you go is a really good idea, but it should have a limit. You can get the camera so far ahead you can't even see yourself anymore, which makes going fast with dash-slidekicks awkward.


*halo voice* Wait. That's illegal.

I'll cap the camera movement lmao, I managed to outrun it once or twice but I never expected a player to do it. And yes, I'll add D-pad input, I think it's a pretty quick addition. I won't nerf the slidekick though but I might tweak the animation. Basically I want speedrunning to be a viable, cool-looking strat, and I think it's sorta there. The only thing left is somehow acquiring a cool-sounding name for the tech, like wavedashing or whatever. Slidekick dashing is kinda sick though, and it's so fucking cool to hear that it's the same as a Castlevania tech. I should really play one of those games sometime.

The speedrun rules make sense. I'm planning on lengthening some bits before the Night Market eventually, so I don't want to get locked into a certain route or invalidate previous official times.

(1 edit) (+1)

Just found this and it is excellent.  I hope more is coming someday.

Some issues:

lever positions reset when you leave/re-enter screens.  This is weird, and a little annoying.

The door in the back of Lauren's house is locked, but the basement door isn't, but the basement door just puts in the normal entrance

Rod's house is called the other people's house (Tara and Lester?) on its title card

You can't talk to Tara in Deep Town, even if you are in the appropriate proximity (e.g. via chain dash jumping left from the ledge near Lauren's house and then double jumping up near the platform)

You are kinda a jerk to people, for no reason I can discern at present.  Like, the first boss you take her core and just have Lauren use it as a power source till it dies-- that's kinda... harsh.  And then you're just like "Oh, Flynn keeps a prismatic in a torture box as a slave for fun.  That's fine, cause they were dumb to let themselves get put in a torture box" which is not great. You also don't react to people not treating you like a person pretty much any of the time, but maybe that is internalized antiprismatic sentiment.  Or maybe you *aren't* sapient?  That would explain everything, but I don't buy it based on the motivations the prismatic characters seem to be expressing.

When the subway spawns, it's solid even before it gets into the station.  Chain-dashing and jumping right off the weather station lets you jump off the subway at high speed while it is in mid-air before you eventually hit the water.  This leads to the command 'relocating to somewhere safe' being printed, but it is actually not safe because then you respawn in the patch of air where the subway was and fall into the water again.  Fortunately, the game then spawned me back on shore or I dashed there from spawn, not sure which.

You don't need to talk with Flynn to pick a fight with Richter.  Val's happy to do it all on her own.

Flynn mentions the sword the notes on the last update say you removed.  It wasn't too jarring, but it should probably be changed.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks so much for the feedback! I've addressed your bugs in the current (unreleased) build. 

The story and character development is sort of a continuous struggle for me, but I'm glad you identified the most grating bits.

Part of the reason is that the original tutorial level that I removed was set in the city, and it showed Val losing her powers and getting exiled. Hopefully things will make sense when I fix it up and add it back to the next release. 

Val is indeed sapient, but I think in general it's REALLY hard to square Val's motivations and ambivalence to people hating Prismatics without infodumping.  I'm going to do my best to stretch out little lore bits over the game as it grows.

Also, it's not a torture box lmao, it's just like a prison. Like a Tamagotchi or something. And who knows, maybe Busybox won't be trapped in there forever ;^)

I also changed Flynn's sword line to mild Baneposting. You're welcome.


Well, cool!  I look forward to learning more of the story whenever the next release is ^^


seven crane are you working on a full game

hell yeah brother HH


could i be a beta tester for the full release

yeah! this is literally all I've made though, so it'll be a long time until I do a full release


REAlly omg thanks and quick question will it have controlller support like xbox one

yep, it already does.


I'm new to this game; just found it today. I played through the demo but found that a lot of the content such as the arena was not available. I searched every nook and cranny of the maps, but I assume you are redesigning all of the levels since the levels on this update are noticeably cleaner and crisper, therefore removing the previous levels. They look absolutely fantastic and I hope you are able to make time to develop this personal project into a full fledged game.

(The following points are in no way attempts at criticizing the game, but are merely ideas in my head and bugs I've noticed that would improve the game if added/removed regardless if you yourself has thought of/noticed them)(I use windows in case that info is important)

-The healing function, space+shift, is very difficult to use and needs room for error in the action

-The train system doesn't work properly: the only open fast travel points on the map are the night market and weather station 7, but once you go to weather station 7, you can't return to the night market (if you try, the train exits as usual, then the screen goes to black and nothing happens afterwards). Also the sludge temple has a train stop that we have access to at the beginning of the game, although it is not an option to fast travel to on the city map. Finally, you can't exit out of the city map.

-"Val" still shows her silhouette+sword when entering and exiting the train

-The only enemy npcs besides the boss are in the sludge area, though this was probably done on purpose just temporarily, and the muscular sludge monster doesn't react to my presence unless I attack him.

-The cigarette box doesn't leave the inventory when given to the man in deep town.

-The inventory doesn't scroll down to new items unless an entire row is filled, but they still show the info sheet properly.

-The parry is practically useless. It constricts movement too much and is easily substituted for the faster and more entertaining dashing. A different type of attack, such as a stun, would be a more satisfying replacement and the absence of a purely defensive move would be an interesting and unique design choice.

-the timed multi-dash is too overpowered when given the ability to recharge battery. Essentially, the character never runs out of health.

-If may add, try to keep the maps as open and big as possible. The unique quality the game has, in my opinion, is the speed of the character. To increase the density of the maps and add precise platforming would dramatically slow down the character. Warframe is probably the most similar example to this game (mechanics wide at least) and worthy of taking note of.

Other than these things, just more content and harder, more dynamic enemies. Being able to change the layout of the keys would be nice and/or the default set to WASD, Shift=dash, space=jump, JKL=melee, U=ranged.

Thank you

P.S. You have to have some Easter egg lore setup behind why there are pumpkins growing in a cave.

hey, thanks for the feedback! i've noted the healing animation, the night market stop, the sludge temple stop, the sword in the subway, the timed multidash gaining energy, and the inventory as things to fix, so thanks for that. i also think you're right about the open map design (despite what /vg/ thinks) so i'll keep that in mind in the future.

I'm not sure what my plans for the parry are yet. i think i'll have to wait and see what it feels like when you're fighting harder enemies because yeah, right now the world of Vapor City is a little too peaceful.

and yes, i'll add some lore for the pumpkins. i already have a bit in  my head.

how do you get out of conversations and screens?

You keep pressing space

I figured that out, and I look forward to the full release or where I can find the full release

Still in the works unfortunately. I'm taking a break from working on it right now due to other things happening in my life.


I love this game so far, it feels like a kind of futuristic Hollow Knight but with a clear cut story and I can run on my potato PC


i just want to say it's a very good game. i realy liked it 


This game has a lot of potential and it hopefully goes great places. Great game so far (good enough for me to create an account just to say this).

Thank you. I hope I can live up to people's expectations someday. (including my own)

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