A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The year is 20XX.

You are Valkyrie X-404, and you have been exiled from Paradise Prismatic Laboratories.

Return to the surface of Vapor City and exact revenge.


  • ←/→ to move
  • Space (A on controller) to jump (tap to shorthop)
  • ↓+Jump to drop through platforms
  • Z (X on controller) to attack
  • X (Y on controller) to shoot
  • Shift (B) + ←/→ to dash
  • ↑ to interact
  • Space to advance dialogue
  • ↓ + Shift in the air to meteor dive
  • ↑ + Shift in the air to flip kick
  • Dash + Shift (hold) to super dash
  • Shift (hold) to heal when grounded and stationary
  • Ctrl (hold) to walk
  • Tab to show inventory
  • Space to buy items in shops

Ground combos

  • Z, Z, Z: double punch to spin kick
  • ↑Z, ↑Z: double high kick, chainable into the second aerial combo
  • ↓Z, ↑Z, ↓Z: leg sweep to high kick to axe kick
  • →SHIFT, →Z, →Z, →Z: elbow strike to cross to Falcon Knee
  • →SHIFT, ↓Z: boost slide

Aerial movement and combos

  •  ↓SHIFT, →SHIFT: dive feint
  • ↑Z, JUMP, ↑Z, →Z: kick juggle to Falcon Knee if spaced properly
  • →SHIFT, JUMP, ↑SHIFT, →SHIFT: cross large gaps with ease

Only the basic enemies have knockback enabled on them right now. I'm still working on making it fun and varied for the bosses.

Sound Credits (used with permission)

title screen: until it feels like home by slime girls
intro scene: starbolt (reprise) by slime girls
rain loop: https://freesound.org/people/D%20W/sounds/136971/ 
sound effects: things I generated with chiptone

Problems? Anger?

Send me anthrax in the mail here.

Install instructions

download, play n go

I use itch's command line tools to push, so the directory is flat. looking at you rokas


vapor-trails-gnu-linux.zip 53 MB
Version 13 Jul 09, 2019
vapor-trails-osx.zip 70 MB
Version 15 Jul 09, 2019
vapor-trails-win-exe.zip 53 MB
Version 29 Jul 09, 2019

Development log

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how do you get out of conversations and screens?

You keep pressing space

I figured that out, and I look forward to the full release or where I can find the full release

Still in the works unfortunately. I'm taking a break from working on it right now due to other things happening in my life.


I love this game so far, it feels like a kind of futuristic Hollow Knight but with a clear cut story and I can run on my potato PC


i just want to say it's a very good game. i realy liked it 


This game has a lot of potential and it hopefully goes great places. Great game so far (good enough for me to create an account just to say this).

Thank you. I hope I can live up to people's expectations someday. (including my own)

(2 edits) (+1)

I really like this game !
Bug report :
- you cant start to walk while pressing control and being immobile

- you can softlock anywhere by pressing "s" while falling into the water thingy ( restarting doesn't do anything)
- if you play in windoed the descriptions of items don't appear
- you still see a sword in the spawning animation in tutorial and at the end of it, in the spawning animation at the beginning of the game and while taking the subway
- 3rd square people talks about a rundown on mouvement but nowhere is told such thing
- you can combo to death the training bot by doing down+z and up+z over and over ( not sure if intended)
- you can skip obtaining gun eyes by simply going to the elevator (missed it on my playthrough lol)

- some dialog still mention a sword (Flynn for example)

- if you land perfectly on a soft platform you can't drop of of it in some cases
- on some soft platform you slip 1-2 pixel after landing while backflipping causing to fall of of their edges
- if you get out of the first house you get wrong warpped ( or it seems like it) ie you spawn far from the door 

I suggest making the entrance to zones stand a bit more (ie door/cave sprite) and please for my sake make the intro skippable and add a return to menu option (:

I Love the game the movement and the fighting, although i like the setting/environment and the art style the storyline hasn't gotten me hooked up yet (but that's not the goal right ?) .

That's my review after 30 min of play time ! I'll find time to do extensive testing or when a new demo popps up ;)

Ps : idk how that happened but rip my map i guess

((edit)) : could we have a room for testing with an invicible mob and plenty of space please ?

another edit after more testing : 
you can softlock in any obstacle that kills you by pressing s while taking damage 
next to the secret door to access lauren's home there is no wall
if you backflip on a soft platform you automatically drop and in the case of lauren's secret entry door it unloads the 'revealing' effect
in the elevator to night market you can simply go out the door you went in rather than doing the platforming section

And that's about it !
See you on the next update :)

Thank you so much for the detailed report. The swords are a known issue (I recently removed the sword and haven't updated all the animations yet) but everything else I've added as a bug.

I'm also going to make enemies DI more out of combos as they go on so you can't infinitely juggle them with the flip kick and meteor.

And yes, I will definitely add a training room in the next update.

You've definitely got something cool here. Keep up the good work! I'm excited to play the demo further and see how the project develops.

cool concept but i don't re-span after death and I cant change the control

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I like the concept of the game, but when I tried to enter the house I was thrown out of the map, and it is not good. After restarting the game, everything became normal, but I think you should know.

Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed it locally but have not released it yet.

One of the best games i've played so far in 2019

the aquarium is so neat!!

Glad you liked it. The aquarium will become better but that won't be for a while.

I think i died and killed the boss at the same time and now i cant walk left/right

Aw, I thought I fixed that. Press L to force a load.


Well, that fly skill is OP, i just used it and finished the demo. You can put a limit on it like, 3s and then you fall and it have to recharge

Well, it's supposed to be an endgame ability, assuming I ever create the endgame.

Were you actually able to skip areas/fights with it though?

(1 edit)

Yeah, i just stopped one time to kill the slimes and then i cheated by using the flying ability, i skipped like, 3 or 2 scenarios and i was in the elevator to the end of the demo


Controls are pretty bad but the core concept is nice.

I really like the visuals and sound. Hope to see more of this.



what's your gripe with the controls?

also congrats on superdashing off the edge


Pressing shift to do things feels really uncomfortable. Usually it's ZXC not Shift ZX.

The different buttons for interacting and advancing dialogue is more confusing than helpful.

I think the setup you have at the moment would work pretty well on a controller and maybe it's just me, but definately make the keys rebindable.

I went with what I was comfortable with. The dialogue button changes are just so you don't immediately re-open dialogue if you're skipping through it. 

Also I think you should be able to rebind controls in the launcher for the downloadable version. 

(3 edits) (+1)

Graphics and sound effects are amazing! I love the art style. As @danmakesgame remarked, I also think different controls would be more comfortable. Suggestions.

  • Tap left twice or right twice to dash.
  • Tap down twice for meteor slam.
  • Z for jump. (twice for double jump)
  • X for attack.
  • Space for interact. This would be consistent since you already use Space for dialog advance.
  • Shift + arrow keys to walk slower (facing same direction), which would also cover the backstep.

I found a bug: after I fall from the ledge where there's a slime enjoying a cigarette, I land on the spikes and get stuck.

  • I personally hate double-tapping for movements, especially on a controller, so I scrapped that idea pretty early on
  • I didn't want someone to press interact to skip through a bunch of dialogue and then accidentally open it again and have to go through it another time, hence different interact/skip line buttons
  • I forgot to write in the description that you can hold ctrl to walk, oops

Thanks for the feedback and bug finding though, I really appreciate it.

also @danmakesgames was replying to a much  older version with different, worse controls.


I think you could pick better keyboard controls, and i just skipped the entirety of the tutorial without any problem, maybe consider making the windows auto-pop up instead of requiring an interact. the character itself feels good to me tho, the combat and movement is nice, hoping for a more content-rich version!


Good proof of concept. Would like a hard mode.