The year is 20XX.

Return to the surface of Vapor City and exact revenge.


Val's weapons are her speed and her fists. Unleash complex, flowing combos with punches and kicks. Moving quickly upgrades attacks, dealing more damage and changing the combo game.


Explore the beautiful, flawed world of Vapor City. Figure out Lauren's true motivations, the dark history of Paradise Labs, and what it means to be a Generation 0 candidate.


Just kidding. Vapor Trails is pixel art because I like pixel art.


Features tailor-made tracks from Gray Heron. Give his stuff a listen, it's good! Especially if you're a boomer and like the Chemical Brothers.


Vapor Trails is currently in development. If you have comments, bug reports, or want to stay in touch, follow me on Twitter

I have a day job, so I can only do gamedev on nights and weekends.

Keyboard Controls

  • ←/→ to move
  • TAB to show inventory
  • Space to jump (tap to shorthop)
  • ↓+Jump to drop through platforms
  • Z to punch
  • X to kick
  • A to shoot
  • Shift + ←/→ to dash
  • ↑ to interact
  • Space to advance dialogue
  • ↑ + Shift in the air to flip kick
  • Shift (hold) to heal when grounded and stationary
  • Ctrl (hold) to walk
  • Space to buy items in shops

Unique attacks

  • ↓+Kick: boost slide
  • ↓+Punch (aerial): elbow drop
  • ↓+Kick (aerial): divekick

Install instructions

!!! If using a PS4 controller, you may need to disable DS4Windows !!!

You can edit control bindings in the launcher.


Download 73 MB
Version 35 21 days ago
Download 69 MB
Version 2 21 days ago
Download 72 MB
Version 36 21 days ago
Download 72 MB
Version 48 21 days ago

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great game and digging the art style, but im having issues with the dive kick it's not registering instead it does just regular air kicks or after she does the air kicks (twice while holding down) it looks like she's t-posing while diving. 

game is a little bugy,b ut i enjoy it, keep the work, you are a huge inspiration for a lot of people.

Really cool game, i cant wait for a full release. The art is awesome  and the game play is really fun. My only complaint is the keyboard controls where a remapping option would be cool. Good luck with this and i hope you complete it.

I have a question, is the pastry shop part of the story and the demo wnds with you having the train card or do i need to search more?

There is still more to explore but yes, that is the end of the demo. 


Tried to play the demo and got stuck on air kick section. For some reason the air kick dive (down + kick) only worked around 10% of the time for me.

If I held down, I could see my character crouching and if I pressed kick, I'd do a leg sweep (while on ground) so it looked like my input were being registered just fine. However, once I jumped (space) and pressed down + kick, I'd just do a horizontal kick in the air. If I repeated the inputs , sometimes it'd work.

I tried on keyboard/ps4 controller with DS4/ps4 controller without DS4/ps4 controller + keyboard but still no luck. Running on Chrome/Firefox/Downloaded Windows32bit all have same issue for me.

I haven't been able to get past the air kick dive tutorial unfortunately. Any fix/ideas would be appreciated.

It is a little buggy but you have to hold down the down button then press attack after like a second

When you are going to buy lauren and the other guy drinks, in the end i cant progress dialogue. help. 

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also I can't find deep town where is it I've looked all over the map: the door with  the lever. the lower left  the ground the weird thing the keeps sayin access denied. the can someone show a clip of them going to deep town pls and I've got 29 shards if that helps NEVER MIND I AM DUMB

Question, soo in the beginning part I don't know how to reach the deep town and when doing the platform getting up to the top with the purple blocks and one hovering, the hovering one when I jump on it has me through it instead of being an object to jump on. I've explored for hours using a weird series of spamming z+x+space and my arrow keys to over ledges she's unable to jump over or if there's no platform  to use to proceed. Please help ;-:


on the purple thing you have to hold down  and press x to bounce

OH! Thanksss

Your welcome

i just got no waved by... the metro path, as it spawned me right back on top after i got hit

Rails are really weird. That happened to me after landing on a train then the train moved on while I fell off. 


Awesome game! Does every area have a hidden steven?

What just happened

how do u get the gun?


do u get the gun from the lady


This game is amazing. I have a problem: I can't reach the elevator after Lauren fixes the gun. How can I get to it? Thanks!

oh, there's a lever below the elevator, you gotta shoot it. for some reason it doesn't show up in the autotargeting system yet.

Thanks a lot! I still can't see it properly, but I'll try to shoot it "blindly". I dare to suggest: ¿maybe a line of dialogue for Lauren saying how to reach the elevator could be useful?

If it is literally under, i don't see it....

oh, sorry, I should have clarified: underneath the door to the elevator, past the Lady of the Lake fight, there's a lever beyond some spikes. you gotta shoot through the spikes to reach it.

I'd send a pic, but I'm busy moving this week.


Can't wait for more! ^-^


loved this game


Obviously, there are still a lot of glitches, being still in development, but if there's one main gameplay element that needs some tweaking, it's the parry. the timing necessary almost feels random, like I'll get it to work and I'll go "Oh, that's how you do it" but then I end up missing 10 more times before getting it to work again. It's not necessarily too precise, more like takes to long to activate. If it parried immediately after the press of the button, it would feel much nicer. 

Also, why is heal mapped to the same buttons as your directional specials? You could remap heal to a direction on the dpad, or the specials to a bumper/trigger.

Other than that, this is probably the best game I've found on Looking forward to the future.

Hey Dev,
I included your game in my top 5 indie games I played this week. Keep up the great work!


Good game! I love the way the player moves, feels really fluid!


You're doing pretty good with the development of this game so far


Awesome update 👍

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Sorry for posting so much but there is a lot of glitches. Great game btw

Spamming space on a wall can result in a double wall jump/mid-air wall jump. 

You should seal one of the holes in Finacial District (before the woman with the gun) because it results in a softlock unless you've got the double jump and kick thing. 

hey thanks for all the bug reports, I really appreciate them. I'll try to get a fix out asap.

(1 edit) (+1)

When I was at Finacial District, I saved before the woman with the gun and then ran to her. When I died, I respawned where I died and her dialogue triggered again. I could use turbo (or whatever it was called) to run past her and die and respawn and skip her. 

It stopped working when I quit and I cound only do that once. You could also spam shift, space and down (while mid-air) to hit the woman before she fires to kill her to skip getting the eye gun.

(1 edit) (+1)

If you inch slowly to the edge of a semisolid (that is not a platform eg. dumpster, umbrella), you can infinite jump. If you do the same thing on a solid, you fall off the edge while it looks like the character is on the ground. Then you can infinitely wall jump until the top of the solid. 

Found by accident while playing and allowed me to 'fly'. Infinite jump can be cancelled when you hit the ground. 

okay, your explanation of this particular bug helped a ton. thanks for this!

games art style is very distinguished and love the retro look. keyboard was hard to play but the controller was better.

where do I get the metro pass

beat Richter, meet Lauren and Flynn in the bar, then go back to Flynn's shop, go through to the back and beat the platforming challenge where you have to stand on the subway. good luck!

im stuck in deep town


Found a glitch. I beat the demo completely, great job btw, and then I started a new game after due to how fun it was. Upon starting a new game, I still had all of my previous abilities, inventory items, stats, etc. and when upon beating the tutorial, I spawned under the next environment and was instantly killed. Great job though, this game was really fun to play.

I see. I'll try to fix it, thanks!


where are the double jump and flip kick??


those are moved to the weather station and the aquarium, just to encourage people to explore


yeah but climbing back up to lauren's house with your newly earned upgrades after defeating a boss was rewarding and it felt like you were really progressing. by removing them you also removed the reward. Thanks for coming to my ted talk

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How do I use the Xbox controller in the game.
32x bit

(1 edit)

It should just work, I compiled and tested it on the 32-bit version. Maybe tweak the inputs in the launcher if it's not registering.


I found a line from Flynn that told me to warn the developers if I saw it so here I am. I found the game a lot of fun, but unfortunately my playthrough was cut short when I found a hole in Financial District where I could climb over the rightmost wall and fell eternally with no way to reset. I think the game is really neat, with maybe just a little lacking on the story and explanation, and many places are just dead holes in the wall, such as the farthest left in the place where you meet Flynn. Overall I really enjoyed this as a whole and can't wait to see what happens from it.


Oh yeah, I'm putting warning signs and fixing other areas now. Still working on it, but glad you liked it.


Really nice game, I enjoyed it!
If I may suggest something, focus on the story and the atmosphere.
The game mechanics are good, but what really made me go on in the game was this storytelling of ending down in a forgotten place, struggling to reach the surface, discovering what happened ecc.
in some ways it reminded me of Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss.

I'll do my best to. I don't want players getting overwhelmed by lots of dialogue, so there has to be a lot of exploration and fighting between exposition. 


logo depois de voce terminar algum dialogo, se ficar apertando espaço varias vezes, a personagem levanta voo e so volta ao normal se pisar no chao
consegue arrumar isso?

sí, puedo intentar. gracias por los comentarios.


Hey wanted to let you that I just tried out the game and I'm loving it so far! Also I found a point where I got pushed through the floor by getting chain hit by spikes. Screenshot included 

ouch. thanks for the screenshot, i'll patch it tonight. and glad you liked it!


Coming across an issue where at the beginning if you leave Laurens house then it bugs out and there are invisible walls either side of your character, you can't move but you can jump around and it's like your sliding down invisible walls diagonally, not sure how else I can describe it.


This is really good! I have a lot of constructive criticism though.

-It seems like there's nothing to do after the night market, so maybe a "you have reached the end of the demo" message would be helpful to avoid confusion.

-I stunlocked the night market boss by repeatedly punching him. I don't think I'm that good at this game, either.

-The dialogue in the night market section was unsatisfying. After meeting Lauren and Flynn in the bar, it seemed like the game was building up towards an exposition dump. However, there really wasn't one and I was left kind of confused. Val dangling Flynn over the edge was also kind of jarring as Val had mostly been a blank slate up until that point.

-In the beginning, Val wants to get to the surface apparently, but why? And why should the player care? The plot just needs a little more motivation. A sense of mystery alone is not enough IMO.

I have some good things to say too:

-The controls and combat work really well for the most part. I love how maneuverable Val is.

-The sense of atmosphere is great.

-You've done a good job at building a sense of intrigue. I'm really interested to see where you go with the world and characters.

Thanks for the criticism! I gotta add an "end of demo" message like I had before, and yeah, the Night Market could use some more dialogue. I was actually pretty hesitant to add more though, because I wasn't sure how interesting the story seems to people and didn't want them to wade through dozens of lines of dialogue between punching and hitting things. 

That said, I'll look into adding some more (streamlined) exposition. I don't want to infodump too soon.

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Great game, I had in incredibly fun time just flying around and taking in the sights. I should probably mention I got punched through the floor by Gray from a drop attack on the browser version, and I'm not entirely sure how that happened.

Ah, my bad. That's happened quite a bit, I'll tighten the bounds on the fight. Glad you had fun though.

I'm sorry, I know I comment a lot, but I wanted to let you know that the platforming challenge for the metro pass can easily be gottem around by a few good wall jumps at the beginning. Maybe make it so you can't jump on that wall?

(1 edit) (-1)

Yeah, I'm gonna remove that platform in the next patch. Don't worry about commenting though, I always appreciate feedback.

the challenge is little too difficult i don't know how to do it without double jump which i can't find.


You can dash when presented with dialogue options, this means the race is kind of broken, since you can win before the dialogue is over... It also glitches out the game pretty bad when you do.

Nice catch, I'll patch it.


the detail in effects...Dope

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