Arrows: Move
Space: Jump
Up arrow: Interact
Shift: Special ability (combine with a direction)
Z: Punch
X: Kick
C: Parry
A: Projectile
Esc: Pause

This is a build of Vapor Trails that uses better physics and generally better code. I'm slowly mashing it back into the main VT codebase, but honestly I might bring old code over here if it gets to be too much effort.

changes from base game:
- no more jump canceling attacks
- different footstep sounds
- different hit sounds
- different hitmarkers
- ground flops and techs
- different movement speed

Updated 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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my god this game is so good. I can not wait for a full version - I really hope you end up finishing this!!!!

Wow this is pretty awesome... 
can we have the punch and attack combos again?
those combos really make the game unique
thank you


Combat moves feel more gritty, grounded, impactful. That's great.
I don't quite like the new movement, though. The slower average movement speed is fine, but there some specific parts that feel off for me.
Warning: this is my personal feedback on movement, which i believe will vary widely from player to player. It's a touchy subject.

  • I don't like the way she turns around when i switch directions. Shorten the time to do that 180, make her do a slower half-step till she finishes turning, adjust something.
  • The boost mechanic eliminates vertical momentum. I believe there should be at least a bit of noticeable fall or jump speed remaining during that action.
  • This doesn't feel like it will match the platforming of the stages that already exist. is it a real mismatch or just my impression from the zoomed-in look of this demo?

Also this might be farfetched and a nightmare to code and design so i'm leaving it as just a remote possibility:
Have you considered having separate combat and navigation modes for the character? a toggle button for wing/fight mode switch. It could add variety for each major mechanic but could also increase the ammount of learning the player has to put up with.

I did also consider this, but it seemed like too much for the player to think about.

Thanks for the feedback.

- I might add an initial dash state like Smash Bros where you can instantly turn around when you start dashing.
- The boost mechanic is actually identical to the other Vapor Trails build. You keep any vertical momentum, but you can't fall while boosting.
- I will definitely rework the stages that exist to compensate for the new movement.

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The physics are still fun, though I'll have to relearn them to be able to do as much crazy stuff as was possible in the old game-- is it just me or do you fall significantly faster?  Andromeda doesn't fight back which is :(  Glad the project is still ongoing; I'll put up with either physics system or a much worse one if the character design and story pull through.

Andromeda fights back but in the downloaded versions, I'm still ironing out some issues with loading her data on web

I might miss the sliding animation while changing directions, but it always was a bit annoying when it threw an attack the wrong way. 

at what point in the game will the new animations and physics be introduced?


Yippee :D




this is awesome, 7Crane!! ^_^