Demo Day 24 feedback UPDATE

incorporated a lot of demo day feedback and fixed bugs


  • increased controller deadzone
  • added dedicated controller support for in-game instructions
  • fixed supercruise exit bug where the player could get stuck on walls
  • decreased air inertia
  • tweaked air sprite to make the player pivot around true center
  • made non-platform objects more visually consistent
  • increased clamped walk speed
  • removed WASD controls
  • increased text rendering speed
  • standardized dialogue pitch for NPCs
  • fixed a race condition when checking for story checkpoints
  • changed platform drop controls to a single tap downwards
  • removed backstep and riposte
  • removed additive jump velocity
  • made perfect dash window slightly more generous
  • fixed raycast origin for grounded state detection
  • reset air jumps on water hit so the player can jump out
  • fixed bug where jet sounds would stay on after interrupted supercruise
  • targeting system is properly enabled after gun eyes ability unlocked
  • fixed animation bug where player would freeze after dropping through a one-way platform


  • added two new Night Market NPCs with dialogue/lore
  • added more props to the Night Market
  • added ability unlocking support (have yet to implement inventory)
  • player will teleport to the ground if they take spike/saw blade damage while in the air
  • added saving/loading support
  • added autosave points
  • some NPCs now automatically turn towards the player

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Version 18 Jan 12, 2019 99 MB
Version 2 Jan 12, 2019 96 MB
Version 4 Jan 12, 2019

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