0.16.0a Update

Old saves are no longer valid.

The Deeps have been split into two levels, so its reference name and saved positions can no longer be loaded. This was for optimization. Some people reported that the web version of the Deeps ran slow on Chromebooks, which seems minor, but I like programs that run fast.

I will post a roadmap later this week where I'll talk about my plans for finishing the main story arc of Vapor Trails and moving out of alpha.

+ audio zones don't briefly play when a level loads
+ fixed issues where dead enemies could still damage the player
+ fixed out of bounds exploit for Night Market above the Richter fight
+ fixed out of bounds exploit for Cerulean Cove
+ fixed glitchy Vapor Plasma on the upper left of Deep Town
+ fixed speedo UI visibilty
+ split the main Night Market tilemap in two to fix memory-related crashes in the web build

Content Changes:
+ added blocks breakable by the Meteor Slam ability
+ split the Sludge Wastes into new, smaller areas for optimization
+ added music for the Digital Frontier club
+ added ability to travel to Sludge Wastes subway station if it's discovered
+ added new scenery in the Prismatic Graveyard and Sludge Wastes areas
+ added music for the Gallery Park interior
+ added sound for illusory walls disappearing
+ added a little more lore from Steven in the new Deeps areas
+ new jump block
+ added music to the main menu
~ tweaked some dialogue in various levels
+ added more exposition from Lauren in Flynn's alley after you pick up the Metro Pass (this is maybe some of the most important dialogue in the game now)

Gameplay Changes:
+ made dashing more reliable on controllers
+ entering cutscenes doesn't lock the player on the vertical axis
+ check a disk save for compatibility with the current build when deciding whether to show a "Continue" button on the main menu
- illusory walls look like ground on the minimap
+ double jumping gives you another divekick
+ tweaked the starting area for the biker race to give the player a longer window for the first dash-slide

Visual Changes:
+ changed controller glyphs in tutorial areas and added default keyboard buttons

Internal refactors:
+ subway stations save their discovery state when the player enters them
+ defined chapters with game state composition for debugging

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Eyyyy, it's my speed complaint! Thanks mate, happy that web works now. Interesting stuff I noticed last update, try to meteor smash, but go in a horizontal direction while holding S. It's not particularly useful, but hey, delayed gratification never is as strong as instant. ;)