0.15.4a Music Update

+ player doesn't reset to electric wires after taking damage from them
+ richer doesn't follow through with attacks on death
+ fixed sewer elevator placement issues
+ fixed easter egg dialogue if Val figures out how to hoard MercuryBlasts

New Content:
+ new music for the Lab/Tutorial level
+ new music for the Weather Station 7 area

Gameplay Changes:
+ gun eyes target both directions on backdash

Visual Changes:
+ detailed the interior of the Digital Frontier bar
~ made the Gallery Park subway station darker and more self-similar
~ modified moving leaves shader to hide the noise pattern

Internal refactors:
~ modified scene behaviour graphs to correctly pick root nodes
~ register/cache game state change listeners instead of searching for all of them each time an update is pushed out

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+ gun eyes target both directions on backdash

yooo this is lowkey huge. That should fix my issues with the Richter fight and be a good change in general.


You know, I just realized it doesn't actually work yet because I forgot to enable the new target zone in those animations. I'll push a fix tonight.

But yes, since you can turnaround attack during those animations I think it makes way more sense. Thanks for reporting it, if that was you.