0.15.3a Patch

+ fixed cigarettes spawning in the Deeps, along with other various pickups

New Content:

Gameplay Changes:

Visual Changes:
~ brightened the Lady of the Lake's heart sprite

Internal refactors:
~ improved the container for objects that are supposed to save their enabled state (e.g. the cigarettes once you pick them up)

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you know, i updated the game before and it corrupted my savegames... played anyway from scratch, completed sludge deeps and got stuck because of the cigarettes bug, updated the game *again* to fix the bug but cigarettes won't spawn :( ... must i start a new game (aga...  ehm) ???

(i better wouldn't updated)

don't get bother, this game got my attention and i wish to play it smooth finally... love its retro sci-fi 2d platformer rpg brawler style

That's really strange. What platform are you playing it on, and are you sure it says 0.15.3a in the top right? I tested it locally with the cigarettes and had a friend test the web build and the cigarettes showed up for both of us.

in 0.12.2a i (started a new game and) completed sludge deeps and reach the girl that ask for cigarettes, i couldn't find the damn cigarettes anywhere so i got stuck

.... later i noticed the 0.12.3a update (CURRENTLY INSTALLED), i didn't even know the cigarettes issue was a bug so i got and run it happy hoping being able to continue my game

.... but anyway got stuck because i still haven't the blessed cigarettes in my inventory and still they aren't where it supposed to be

... i wonder... how the patch manages the cigarettes missing?.... it checks for cigarettes in player inventory?, put the cigs on the map if player dont have it?, check if player completed the cigs quest?.... or simply generate the correct map at the  beginning of a game?.... my savegame didnt had the cigs on the map either so if the update loads it untouched i think the cigs still wont be there

you can make some tests yourself between versions to get more detailed info (than us)

..... i think in any case you should clarify the situation (in the version history for example), if we should start a new game to render map correctly from the start, or not, or whatever we should do in order to continue the flow of the game

.... sorry if i got complicated, i am just trying to help with another points of view

anyway, i started a new game -again-

Thanks for the additional information, this actually helps a bit. I'll try to test it between versions on my end. Here's how the logic works, if you're interested.

When the player picks up cigarettes:
- They're added to the runtime inventory
- Floating cigarette package in the world is disabled and saves its state to the runtime save data

- Player talks to Tara on the wall
- Tara checks if the player is holding the Cigarettes item and chooses dialogue accordingly, either telling player to go find them or lowering the wall and letting you in

When the game is saved, the runtime save data is written to the computer's filesystem.

When the game starts, the main menu scene checks for a save on the filesystem. If a file exists, it's loaded as a save (this is where differing formats might make the game crash) and the game adds the Continue button.

When the Deeps area is loaded, the floating cigarette package checks the save to see if it's been saved as disabled. If so, it just disables itself.


this patch sucks. where is the music


that's what I've been saying!

what about the music?