0.15.0 Update (Sewers)

TL;DR 2 new enemies and small areas, no new bosses. also, your saves aren't compatible with the new update. To be regular about this, I started using semantic versioning.

+ HP/energy don't reset on save anymore
+ remapped controls persist across sessions
- removed surf. I might have left it somewhere else in the world, but I can't for the life of me remember where :^)
+ updated sensitivity for Orca Flip, Meteor Dive and platform drop to be achievable on gamepad
+ removed flickering gaps between world tiles at high resolutions
+ improved performance in the Deeps
+ fixed Deeps dialogue where Val's name should have been X-404
+ the energy door after the Lady of the Lake fight stays disabled when you reload the level
+ you can now jump if you're holding down and not on a platform
+ added an invisible ceiling on the Rena fight
+ fixed unlock persistence issues when starting a new game
+ fixed item persistence issues between scenes

New Content:
+ added a new area, Sewers
+ added new enemies
+ added a new area, Central Column Residential District
+ added a very small easter egg dialogue line if you figure out how to start hoarding Mercuryblasts in the Night Market
~ reworked the Night Market
+ added a way to get into Lauren's basement from below her house

Gameplay Changes:
+ increased bounce block hitbox size, they're easier to bounce off now
+ lengthened divekick hitbox active frames
+ you still only have one airdash, however there is now a 0.1 second window after leaving the ground where an airdash will count as a grounded dash
+ biker race is easier
+ Richter is slightly more aggressive

Visual Changes:
~ tweaked Val's portrait
~ added a splash screen pointing here, because random websites keep stealing and rehosting the files
~ new Night Market tiles
+ some doors now display an experimental text prompt that shows you where they lead
+ added build number UI

Internal refactors:
~ optimized Sludge Wastes area by tweaking enemy AI to not constantly poll for player position if they're far
~ used xNode scene graphs instead of scripts on game objects referencing each other
~ stopped carrying the same Player object between scenes, instead used ScriptableObjects to hold runtime data (you should see no different behavior, but your saves WILL be invalid due to a differing inventory storage format)
+ started using semantic versioning in case I need to do patches or anything
+ player controller compares fall distance for hard landing, not velocity

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sevencrane, I arise from the dead to achieve maximum surf power once again!


I have... literally never been more excited for an update to a game in my life.


Thank you for the update! kinda sad that I have to get rid of my old save file, but it really doesn't matter. can't wait for more :)


when i saw val's portrait at first i was like "???" i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me lmao


its a new game- I had a big save tho

Yeah, sorry. I try not to change the save format changes often. Maybe in the future I'll write something to migrate save versions, but I'm not sure yet.


no no its cool just wondered why my save was gone, but nice game thinking about making a similar type of game in the future tbh.

the world needs more fast games! just don't make a metroidvania lol