January Tweaks

Tl;dr no new content, but some of these fixes were sorely needed

+ removed dust in dialogue cutscenes if player is moving at high speed
+ player momentum doesn't persist after taking environment damage and teleporting back to safety
+ clicking "give the book of thorns to the statue" now always activates the Rena fight
+ you can move the minimap camera again
+ player upgrade screen and subway map positions stay consistent when resolution changes mid-game

New content:
+ added a new player menu screen showing all the attack combos
+ added a slider for camera lookahead (options > gameplay) that I might move to options > visual

Gameplay Changes:
+ nerfed Richter, he mistakenly tracked the player for the entirety of his attack animations instead of the startup frames only
+ made startup on some of Rena's moves slower

Visual Changes:
+ smoothed camera movement and synchronized it with the internal physics timestep
+ leaves on trees in Gallery Park flutter in the wind
~ redrew Lauren's portrait

Internal refactors:
~ rewrote the player's ground check scripts

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Hey, just making sure you're aware that gallery park's Rose Guardian meadow is all chopped up, at least in the mac version.

I'm not, could you send a screenshot of it? I don't have a mac so I just gotta trust that it works.

That's the pedestal thing that holds the book, I couldn't even tell what it was

There's more, the entire area is like that.

(1 edit)

Ah, that sucks. It might be an issue with Unity's native tilemap renderer at high resolutions. I'll see if I can fix it in the next update. Thanks for the screenshots.

No problem, thanks for responding so quickly.


You still keep your momentum after environment damage

😩 I'll revisit it