Summer Update 2

the shameful bugfix edition

The "can't continue game" bug was due to me misunderstanding a tiny yet critical part of C#'s garbage collection. It ended up being a one-line fix. Also, I finally wrote a build script, so I can push updates more frequently.

+ wall detection doesn't trigger on platforms
+ uploaded the right versions for osx and linux
+ saving and loading works again

New content:
+ no

Visual Changes:
+ night market is blue now, will have lore soon

Gameplay Changes:
+ jumping up into a one-way platform no longer counts as wallhit
+ Richter is faster, and the spinning ground pound has a new anti-air hitbox
+ tweaked player attack hitboxes on aerial kicks

Internal refactors:
~ rewrote wall detection code to use raycasts instead of a boxcast
~ rewrote saving again

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and why tf is valentine so strong

(2 edits)

Good question! Val is strong because she was built to destroy Vapor City's orbiting satellite god.

Awa- HUH?!


speaking of lore what is the whole lore of the valentines i mean what year did they need faceBOt?

Oh, I'll reveal more of it in the next update.