Summer Update 1

I know everyone else in the United States is ready for quarantine to last another six months or whatever, so enjoy this update while our government keeps doing the global pandemic equivalent of repeatedly touching a hot stove.

+ dashing through a platform no longer stops or turns the player around
+ fixed divekick bug, you can do it now (had the wrong exit time set from the initial aerial attack animation branch state)
+ fixed bug where player could dash or buttonmash out of the dialogue choice menu
+ tightened walljump code, no brief flash of player facing the wrong way
+ made returning to safety after hitting an environment hazard more consistent
+ touching a wall doesn't interrupt the divekick animation
+ fixed inability to chain consecutive heals when standing still
+ fixed player being able to run around in the main menu scene

New content:
+ added a new NPC, Tunnels Greg
+ added an area map, you'll see icons for every interactable but need to explore to uncover level layout
+ added an upgrade UI
+ redid the inventory screen, it's now a single tab in the menu that also contains the previous two items
+ added different sounds for UI elements
+ added a couple new items for passive abilities, like the automap
+ added a new stage hazard in the Deeps, watch out for the sludge thorns
+ the Sludge Temple from the Deeps has its own level now, with more interesting platforming challenges
+ expanded the Deep Town/Prismatic Waste Outflow area, getting to the boss from Deep Town is a different route

Visual Changes:
+ redid the tutorial level with new art and a sorta new NPC
+ added/reworked a lot of the world art for the Deeps, including Deep Town, for increased contrast/readability
+ wrote a new shader for sludge water
+ added a splash screen telling people to use a controller
+ added energy cost numbers for specials in the item descriptions
+ Val turns to face NPCs when talking to them
~ standardized jump animations to reflect coyote time/airjump usage
~ tweaked a few melee attack animations to look more powerful
~ force-updated the 16 FPS clamping script when the player enters a new animation state
~ redid the basic ground block in the Night Market
~ tweaked portraits for Val, Richter, Lucas, Mark, Sophie

Gameplay Changes:
+ added Celeste's ledge pop mechanic for when you hit your toes on a ledge
+ added ASDI aka "hitstun shuffling"
+ added a brief spike in the player's air control ratio at the peak of their jump
+ added skipping dialogue and exit menus with most generic continue/escape buttons
+ added IJKL as a keyboard input axis to mimic the right stick camera control
+ Orca Flip is now a multihit finisher for 3 base damage total
- nerfed Orca Flip from 1.5x jump power to 1.2x
- Spectral Parry now uses 1 energy to activate and 1 energy for every autochain parry

Internal refactors:
~ rewrote wall detection code
~ rewrote inventory to use ScriptableObjects for items instead of structs wrapped in Monobehaviours
~ rewrote save system
~ rewrote intra-level teleport system
~ rewrote parallax scripts
~ split UI into separate canvases to eliminate lag spikes on redraw

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