Demo Day Patch

Smaller bugfixes and changes based on feedback:

+ added a "main menu" button to the pause menu
+ standardized font size on pause menu
+ fixed bug where player would keep moving when sitting on a bench or ledge
+ added a jaunty tune to the health upgrade (shoutout to Gray Heron)
+ fixed bug where player could mash continue to get out of the frozen state during dialogue choices
+ fixed bounds on Richter fight to avoid platform dropping and remote triggering
+ made interaction prompts more visible
+ made the Lady of the Lake execution automatic
+ enlarged some interaction trigger zones
+ fixed Lauren's dialogue after fixing gun eyes
+ modified Richter's act-out-of-hitstun behaviour to avoid wall-pins
+ tweaked game state-based dialogue
+ made gun eyes necessary for lever flipping

- decreased stun length on some attacks (they were absurd, like almost a second on the elbow drop)
- decreased air control amount to make platforming less twitchy

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keep up the good work!