Demo Day UPDATE!

The Big Things

Brought back the tutorial level and some bosses! You can see some brief backstory in Paradise, and figure out Lauren's plans once you two reach the Night Market. You can also upgrade your health, and see Steven in new forms in the Night Market and Weather Station.
Also, you can finally fight Richter with the new AI system. It's a tough fight unless you can string attacks together.

The Little Things

Full change list below, after about 200 Git commits:

+ added a boss, Richter
+ added a boss, Gray
+ added a one-shot miniboss, [REDACTED]
+ added a level, Weather Station
+ added a level stub, Paradise Labs
+ added a level stub, Paradise Airstrip
+ fleshed out the Aquarium level
+ added multiple items
+ added NPCs
+ expanded the Night Market level
+ added health upgrading
+ added a backflip dive animation
+ attacks can cancel into each other on hit
+ added a buffered jump when near the ground and without an air jump
+ added a race that rewards the player with an item on completion
+ player can exit the subway map without traveling
+ player can kill seagulls
+ added Steven encounters
+ added Flynn encounters
+ added Rob conversations
+ added Tara conversations
+ added a grave for [REDACTED]
+ player receives new attacks from bosses in addition to abilities
+ added a new enemy in the Sludge Wastes
+ added boss health UI
+ added backstep and dash dancing animations for spacing around mobile enemies
+ added dialogue choices
+ added hitstop positional influence (SDI)
+ added visual feedback for wall hitting

~ tweaked air movement; Val now has momentum and can't immediately turn around unless backdashing or double jumping
~ tweaked NPC dialogue sprites
~ tweaked Val's sprite (darker upper lip)
~ camera will never look ahead far enough to put the player out of frame
~ smoothed out scene transitions
~ rebalanced Lady of the Lake fight
~ updated the look of the player's resource UI
~ made wall jumping more consistent and less sticky feeling
~ rebalanced parry to have a few frames of startup, but a longer autoparry active window
~ tweaked meteor dive animation
~ changed main menu UI
~ increased eye bolt speed and energy cost
~ increased dialogue text rendering speed

- removed minimap (for now, it's not super useful yet)
- removed the supercruise ability (it was overpowered)
- removed unnecessary dialogue
- the player can be staggered by enemy attacks

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...player can kill seagulls? 🤔

(1 edit) (+1)

Absolutely the best in development game i have ever experienced,found it kinda hard tryna beat the Biker and there were a few bugs here and there but none that served as a threat,all in all 100/10 game definitely cannot wait till the next update ;)