This part of the continent hasn't been settled in ages. The old forest is dark and full of ruins.

This game is a work in progress. If you like it, please leave a rating.

fonts used: Alagard, 04b03

StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Fantasy, Isometric, Pixel Art, Singleplayer

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Very good, creative game! Although I must admit, mirror and mason mechanics are hard to understand. Made it to level 16 though :)

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Yeah this game is a lot of fun, I would love to see more done with it

As for the explanations of mechanics I think the one that needs better explanations is Haunt (especially since as far as I can tell you can't complete Rest which is supposed to be the tutorial for it)

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The game will freeze after a day passes if you build a cemetery in haunt (was using web build)


There's something wrong with current web build. Resources don't actually get used while building and there doesn't seem to be a way to beat level 19.

Thanks for catching that, it'll be fixed momentarily.


nice game have download ?

Not at the moment no, but if I ever work on it again and add more levels I'll make a desktop build.


Very difficult, me and my friend spent an hour on level 2, we both got filtered. 

does it help if I say you don't have to start taking no actions from day 0? you can take as long as you want to set up, but your complex has to be able to last for 20 days without you repairing anything.


yeah we're dumb, but no it's not that, I tried a bunch of different setups, two farms, two houses two masons, OR one mason, one house, one farm, OR two houses,  two masons, one farm. But I keep losing buildings no matter how I set it up and I can't come back once they start falling because I have not enough stone. It's a super appealing game both aesthetically and in concept,  but we got hard filtered.

ah, okay. I think I'll remove all but the essential blueprints in the early levels, sorry about that.
For future reference:


oh thanks, lol. I don't do great with ambiguity, not a design flaw. Instead of removing them, maybe consider adding a bonus objective, or just something you can feel good about making. Like an extra good solution that just takes more time and uses the 'nonessential' buildings.

That could work. I was considering adding decoration points or something for later levels.


Actually I just beat level 2, but I think it was a glitch. I spammed the sleep button and the mason went to -13 decay days before I 'won' and it collapsed. 


i would like the terminal feature as an option :)

also a downloadable version...?

:) just thoughts

How do you pass Level 2?? I can't get to 5 days without dying due to decay!

ah, I need to word it have to build buildings that can last a _streak_ of 20 days, not 20 days immediately from the start. you can take as long as you want to set up, but your complex has to be able to last for 20 days without you repairing anything.

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So now the game actually looks like it should be easier to understand. However, the "mason" tile's description doesn't actually explain how it works. Also, "Redirects to watcher." sounds confusing when the player wasn't introduced into other redirections. Another thing to mention is that cards sometimes stick to the cursor.


Ah yeah, I noticed the card thing, but it's too inconsistent for me to replicate. It might be if you click without dragging, but I'll have to dig deeper into it.

I'll add more tutorial levels for the buildings, though. Thanks for playing it again!


The game seems fine for a work in progress but even though I beat it, I still don't understand how mirrors work in here.


Mirrors "reflect" tile effects back at the tile trying to affect them. So if the House tries to repair the Mirror, it'll repair itself instead.


I really enjoy the game but I am totally stuck in the last level: Cross.
Any tipps what to do there? Can i do something with ruins?

No, Cross teaches you about the reflecting pool. It's a bit like the mirror, but has a different effect. Try running stat on the neighboring tiles to get an idea.

There are actually two challenges in that level: Figure out what the reflecting pool does, and figure out how to build two houses without letting the forest overrun your settlement...


Nice, I tinkered around with it for a while, and generally like the idea of a text interface to a graphical game. seems like a nice tweak on retro games. How'd you implement it?

Thanks. It'll become a card-based GUI eventually.

Visually it's all in the Unity UI, each line logged to the console is its own Text object. The console is a scroll view containing a vertical layout group and a content size fitter that aligns the newer text items at the bottom.

The text prompt is its own object with an Input Field outside the scroll view, with an event handler on End Edit that calls a script I wrote to parse the command and log it to the output.

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Actually, could you provide the command-line interface as an option? I mean, the default could be cards, but tinkering with this command line tool was immense fun, at-least for me.

Sure, I can keep it around. I'm glad people enjoy it, lol.