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its beautiful, really wish you got to use the parry more in the current vapor trails, because its really the last thing you unlock before getting the soul

thanks! i'm gonna work it in more in the physics build, don't worry


game's pretty gud i rlly dont mind playing on html5 but it'll be much appreciated if u could make it accessible on windows too. no pressure just a suggesion

he has a windows download of the real version:

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Awesome game! Can you maybe make the og version of vaportrails for windows instead of HTML5??? I would really appreciate it 😊


love the part after you beat the boss and shift your way to the right and fall forever lmao

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I recommend playing the new version


alright bet


I haven’t updated it in a few months. New version coming in May. You’ve been warned.

warning taken


was it what you were hoping for?


can u make this wit controller support?